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Tech Specs

Height: 0.85 inch (2.16 cm)

Size and Weight

Width: 2.25 inches (5.71 cm)

Depth: 4.47 inches (11.35 cm)

Weight: 0.22 pound (0.099 kg)*



Connections and Expansion


Lightning port


System Requirements

Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer with OS X v10.11 or later



Easy to hold. Hard to let go of.

With no disposable batteries, Magic Mouse 2 has a new internal structure with fewer moving parts. This solid but lighter build, along with an optimized foot design, results in a smooth, superior glide with less resistance.

Seamless Multi‑Touch surface.

Magic Mouse 2 features a state-of-the-art Multi-Touch surface that makes it easy to explore your favorite content. Scroll in any direction with one finger, and swipe through web pages and photos. The mouse detects the difference between these gestures — and even knows when you’re just resting your hand on it.

Secondary click

 A right-click reveals a menu of contextual actions.

One-finger scroll

 Slide one finger up or down on the mouse to scroll through documents, websites, and more.

One-finger swipe to navigate

 Swipe left or right with one finger to go forward or back in Safari.

Tap to zoom

 Double-tap the mouse to magnify a web page or PDF.

Double-tap for Mission Control

 Double-tap with two fingers to get a bird’s-eye view of everything running on your Mac.

built internal structure — and quality you can feel.

Wireless. And effortless.

Each Apple accessory automatically pairs with your Mac using a Lightning to USB cable. And with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, you get a reliable, secure connection up to 30 feet away. Each accessory is smart enough to know when it’s not being used and manages power efficiently to extend battery life.

Change is good. Except for batteries.

A built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery removes the need for AA batteries, or any removable batteries for that matter. Simply connect the included Lightning to USB cable to your Apple accessory’s Lightning port. A full charge is completed in about 2 hours, and provides enough power for about a month or more of usage.


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