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Atlantis Chemical Industries (ACI) commenced business in the year 1996. ACI continued the legacy of Associated Chemical Industries, Erit Distributors, and Erit Industries founded by Mr. Siddiq Ahmed.

Atlantis Chemical Industries (ACI) undertakes the packaging and production line for small scale businesses and corporate clients. We leverage our unmatched expertise in manufacturing, processing, packaging of private label household chemicals and own specialized know-how to help our clients grow.


Our main thrust and focus is on private label manufacturing of domestic products like Liquid Toilet Cleaners, Acid Toilet Cleaners, Non-Acid Toilet Cleaners, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaners, Bleach, Laundry Bleach, Non-Chlorine Bleach, Thick Bleach, Liquid Laundry Detergents, Fabric Whiteners (Liquid Blue) and Stain Removers.

Some of our in-house products are:

• ACI Bleach clothing bleach 


• Color Bleach clothing colour bleach


• Nylo Blue clothing whitener neel


• Noclo Non-Chlorine Bleach clothing colour bleach


• Tahara Abaya Washing Liquid clothes cleaner liquid detergent


• Taaki Surface Cleaner floor cleaner 


• Toaleto Toilet Cleaner washroom cleaner and bathroom cleaner Liquid detergent


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