Omega Products Dry Red Chilli – 50g
  • January 1, 2021 1:19 pm
  • Karachi


These red hot chilies are very hot and spicy in taste and are used as chili powder, chili flakes for seasonings in food and culinary purpose. Dry red chili is used in making special food items such as traditional spicy daal, karahi etc. and red Chilli powder is used as seasoning for food flavor in almost all Indian and Pakistani cuisines.

Some cuisines such as Thai also uses red chilli peppers as ingredients in their food items. Further chilli flakes, a bi-product of undercut red chili are also used in pizza as sprinkle.

Chilli hot pepper from Pakistan have a huge demand in overseas due to its hot flavor and bright red color that makes the presentation and taste of cuisines even better.


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