• July 30, 2020 8:51 am
  • Shahiwal

Rice mill mein 5 parts hotay.


1-cleaner/destoner (this machine has them, shellers don’t)


2-dehusker (this has new tech rubber rollers, shellers and many local mills have stone rollers. Stone rollers have high broken rice)


3-paddy separator (shellers don’t have these. It helps reduce broken rice)


4-whitener – this machine has emery roll whitner compared to shellers which either don’t or have leather which is older technology)


6-basic grader – shellers Don’t have it.


Equipment this machine doesn’t have but may be attached to improve quality


6-water polishers- these can be used to make it very white. High quality (available in Pakistan for about 2lakh)


7-high quality grader. This can separate most broker and whole.(available for about 70 thousand.)

Adress :  Mian Chunnu, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact 0346 4166653


  • Category : Farming Tools & Machinery
  • Condition : Used



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