• January 1, 2021 11:36 am
  • Karachi

Product Overview:

•  Designed for Gaming

•  Red, Blue, & Purple LED Backlighting

•  Adjustable Brightness

•  Onboard Memory Settings

•  Six Dedicated Macro Keys

•  Multimedia & Shortcut Keys

•  Repeat Rate & Poll Rate Adjustment Keys

•  Anti-Spill Design

•  Anti-Ghosting Function

•  1,000 Hz Polling Rate



Designed for gaming, the black Tt eSports CHALLENGER Prime Keyboard from Thermaltake features an LED backlighting system with red, blue, and purple lighting that can be set to pulse or be static. The LED system’s brightness can be controlled using a dial. The CHALLENGER Prime also includes six dedicated macro keys, which allow up to 18 programmable macros when paired with the three storable profiles. Its anti-spill design uses drainage holes at designated areas in the keyboard’s frame, and its anti-ghosting function uses an N-key rollover that helps users to hit necessary key combos. It also utilizes a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, nine multimedia keys, and has a keystroke lifecycle of up to 10 million keystrokes. The Tt eSports CHALLENGER Prime Keyboard is protected by a limited 2-year warranty.

Three-Color Backlighting with Brightness Adjustments

The CHALLENGER Prime features three color backlighting in blue, red, and purple. Lighting configurations include pulse and static lighting modes. There’s a dial in the top center of the keyboard to allow for fine brightness adjustment

Macro Functions and Key Switching

The CHALLENGER Prime comes with 6 dedicated macro keys, which amounts to 18 programmable macros when paired up with the 3 storable profiles. Switch between profiles with the dedicated M1, M2, and M3 keys. In addition to macro functions, the WASD and arrow keys may be toggled to have their functions switched interchangeably. Via software, users can map keys to another one to switch their function (re-mapped keys only show up in Game Mode; in Normal mode all keys return to their regular functions)

Functional Keyset

The CHALLENGER Prime features multimedia keys, shortcut keys, lighting keys, game mode / normal mode toggle keys, and adjustment keys for both repeat rate and polling rate along the top of the keyboard

Anti-Spill Design

The CHALLENGER Prime comes with drainage holes at designated areas in the keyboard frame to help avoid accidents due to spills

Anti-Ghosting Function

With the N-key rollover, the CHALLENGER Prime will allow you to hit combinations of keys at once to help make sure your gaming session is fluid.


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