• October 29, 2020 6:28 am
  • Islamabad

Do you have a building full of paper records? Are your data capture procedures in line with data protection laws? Tired of your financial records of office or warehouse replacement? Archive Technology’s document digitization services are here to help! From paper document scanning to reprography services, we can help you manage and digitize your data for a more organized storage system.

In Pakistan, it is becoming more expensive for businesses to store and manage paper records internally. In addition to using expensive real estate to store files and other documents, businesses often lack systems to properly manage their records – resulting in wasted time locating documents. When they are needed.

Archive Technologies provides economy and efficiency to its customers in all aspects of records storage and management. Our customers realize using our record management services:

-We Offer complete document management
-We Provide digital solution for your Paperless environment
-State of the Art Warehousing Facility
-Barcoded Boxes with complete anonymity to track your files upon your business internal needs
-We are using the world’s best software for in house management


For more information about Archive Technologies Records Management, Visit: https://archivetechnologies.com.pk/ 


  • Category : Business & Technical Services
  • Service Type : Facility Management



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